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Art is about more than decoration. It provides a sense of escape and belonging. It depicts the past, present and future while touching on subjects like struggles, hope and community. If you're looking for new artwork that reflects the Soul, life experiences now and today you should explore Creative Paintings by Frank Kelley, Jr.

Frank Kelley, Jr. works in acrylic and mixed media to create contemporary works. His subjects include anything from music and family heirlooms to historical landmarks and individual portraits, . His work has been featured in various publications due to its beauty and representation of Southern subjects. You can discover the beauty of rural America through his pieces.

Become a part of the story

Become a part of the story

Creative Paintings by Frank Kelley, Jr. pieces are more than visual. They engage the observer and invite them to become not only the listener of a story, but a participant, as well. Looking at one of the vibrant worlds within a painting allows viewers to learn something new and empathize with subjects, while enjoying the beauty of bright colors and appealing scenes.

Are you interested in improving your art? Frank Kelley Jr. teaches art classes to help his fellow artists grow and expand their skills. He also has a gallery that you can visit to view and purchase pieces. Visit his gallery in West Monroe, LA today.

Paintings that transcend state lines

Frank Kelley has been painting for several years and traveling around the globe. He produces 20-25 pieces each year, and his work has been exhibited across the nation, including:

New York








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