"World Famed"

This is a Fundraiser and a portion of all proceeds will be donated to the GSU Mighty Tiger Marching Band! Thank you for your support of Creative Paintings by FKJ and Grambling State University...

Size 11×14
Limited edition signed and numbered On acid free paper
Unframed Only $50.00 plus $10 shipping and handling signed by Artist Frank Kelley, Jr.
Unframed Only $150.00 plus $10 shipping signed by Dr. Larry Pannell and Artist Frank Kelley Jr.

As a kid my parents would take me and my siblings to see the Famous Eddie Robinson Football games at Grambling State University. I noticed spectators in the stands wouldn't leave the stands for refreshments. I ask why?"y parents replied..Because you are about to witness something that you will remember the rest of your entire life"!I was speechless. .absolutely speechless! 

The Grambling State University Band originated under the direction of A.D. Ling in 1926.The Band began with only 17 instruments.Under the Direction of Conrad "Hutch Jr" Hutchinson,Jr.The "World Famed" GSU Tiger Band began its national and internationally journey.The "World Famed"GSU Band has performed for Presidents,U.S.O ,Super Bowls,Panama, Puerta Rico,Korea,Liberia and numerous parades across the nation and more.

Until this day, I look forward to experiencing the "World Fame "Grambling State University!

Each print: $50.00, plus shipping, Signed and Numbered by Artist Frank Kelley, Jr.

Each print $150.00 plus shipping, Signed and Numbered by Dr. Larry Pannell and Artist Frank Kelley, Jr.  


“Anointed Visionaries”

Limited Edition Giclee Print on acid free paper
Size 16” x 20”br /> (Only 500 prints will be made available.)

Title: Anointed Visionaries – This painting was created to celebrate two of America’s powerful visionaries Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and Harriett “Moses” Tubman. by World renowned Artist, Frank Kelley, Jr.

The initial fundraiser has ended, but Mr. Kelley will continue to offer this print at $100.00 (Value:$350) until April 30, 2014 Limited supply.

Each print: $100.00

*Limited time to purchase. All orders must be placed by April 30, 2014 in order to receive print(s) in a timely manner. Taxes and shipping cost will be applied where needed.


Youth Arts Initiative Program
Supported by local and national institutions Est. 2001

The youth artist initiative program was founded in 2001 to give youth the opportunity to succeed through art by utilizing the life
and paintings of my work.  It will provided more opportunities for youth to learn about their heritage and other career alternatives through art.  This program seeks to educate youth about art and share it's positive impact by working with various schools and community projects. 

Why creative Paintings Inc. Youth Arts Initiative Program
is so important.

  • Inspirational
    Helps build self-esteem
    Builds respect in the students
    Encourages perseverance
    Writing skills
    Think tank methods


Reaching children through Art